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Bloomington Bridal Show - Chris Hoke PPTE

What advice would you give a couple as they start to plan a wedding?

Chris Hoke is the Founder of Perfect Parties Tents & Events and a 25 year veteran of the wedding and special events industry. He assumed leadership of the Bloomington Bridal Show in 1993 and with the help of some amazing associates, mentored its growth from 20 participating vendors to over 70 of the finest wedding professionals in the area today.

Communicate, Consider, Compromise

A wedding is a blend of two lives and that should be reflected in the planning of the event. A couple should express things that are important to each of them. Communication, consideration and compromise are the stepping stones of a successful wedding and marriage.

Start the Planning Process Early

The planning should start immediately after the engagement. The industry standard is 12 to 14 months in advance. The sooner one begins, the better the opportunity they will have to secure the venue site and wedding professionals they want. An early commitment to their vendors will lock in current prices and could provide savings over future price increases.

Set a Budget

A wedding is one of the greatest life events two people can share. Because of this, a couple will tend to overreach their financial means. It is very important that they start with a realistic budget and stay the course. The creation of the new family is about the spirituality of the event and not the size of the wedding cake.

Attend a Bridal Show

Attending a bridal show will give the couple a chance to meet a vast selection of wedding professionals and interact with them. A face to face meeting with wedding professionals that offer the services they will need, gives the couple an opportunity to compare compatibility, service, expense and other criteria to help them select a company that reflects their style and budget. Show only discounts can help bring unattainable wants into reach and allow the couple to enjoy the extras they deserve.

Assemble a Wedding Team

The planning and execution of a wedding can be time consuming. A wedding consultant may sound expensive, but their experience and guidance is priceless. Many consultants offer limited services that are very affordable or a full package complete with planning, vendor co-ordination and “day of“ management. If a wedding consultant is not in the budget, then turn to good friends and family. A strong wedding team promotes peace of mind and will allow the couple to enjoy the experience.


In an effort to stretch their budget, some couples will try to do it all themselves. As the wedding day approaches they realize they have taken on the impossible. Their wedding week is consumed by struggles and preoccupation with details. By the time the wedding day arrives the ceremony does little more than relieve the stress. The couple should participate in the planning and creation of the decorations and sentimental details of the wedding, but labor task such as picking up items for the event or the set up of the ceremony and reception should be left up to friends, family and the wedding professionals.

Enjoy the day

A great deal of time, money and effort goes into a wedding so it is only natural that a couple values the success of such an important day. Every effort should be made to execute the details to perfection, however things do not always go as planned. When this occurs, couples can allow the mishap to distract them from the true meaning of their event. A wedding is not a professional production created to entertain the guest. A wedding is a celebration of the love shared by a couple and a life long commitment and that is what should be remembered. So if a groomsman faints or the limo shows up late just roll with it because it‘s all just part of what makes a wedding… Your wedding.

25th Bloomington
Bridal Show

January 20, 2019
Sunday 12 to 5 pm

Monroe Convention Center
302 S College Ave., Bloomington, IN

Registered Brides = FREE (only if they register online, they are free)
Public (others) = $3.00

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